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General Meeting: Friday, April 28, 2017
Please send requests for future agenda topics to Annette Moreno at

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Page Unified School District Suzanne McClelland
La Paloma Academy Kathy Munoz
La Paloma Academy Karen Crandall
La Paloma Academy Kayla Meyer
La Paloma Academy Kayla Meyer
Gilbert Unified SD #41 Ryan Bergin
Foundation Learning/Arizona Education Solution Amy Hardy
Salt River Pima Maricopa Community Schools Na Humma
Salt River Pima Maricopa Community Schools Samantha Mielkey
Washington Elementary SD #6 Miriam Mahoney
Mesa Public Schools Terry Olson
Mesa Public Schools Denise Perry
Mesa Public Schools Coreen Wax
Mesa Public Schools Bridgette Latsch
PLC Charter Schools Elizabeth Gasperone
Pendergast School District #92 Cat Davis
Pendergast School District #92 Rosie Luna
Pendergast School District #92 Andrew Wallen
Gilbert Unified SD #41 Joanna Catanzaro
Gilbert Unified SD #41 Joanna Catanzaro
Gilbert Unified SD #41 Becky Melton
Window Rock Unified School District Aurelia Dale
BASIS Schools Inc Leslie Martin
BASIS Schools Inc Stacey Young
Round Valley Schools Kayla Dillon
Round Valley Schools Cass Pond
Phoenix Advantage Charter Schools Katrina Paulley
Riverbend Prep Charter School Cecilia Perkins
Wilson School District #7 Usebia Joyce
Lake Havasu Unified School District #1 Heidi Gray
Lake Havasu Unified School District #1 Mary Heronema
Prescott USD #1 Sheryl Blosel
Tempe Union High School District Theresa Jardon
Sahuarita Unified School District Joyce Blalock
Learning Matters Educational Group Kelly Marble
Phoenix Union High SD #210 Anita Massey
Dysart Unified SD #89 Bonnie Coons
Isaac Elementary SD #5 Eren Motta
Isaac Elementary SD #5 Susie Anaya
Phoenix Union High School District Lili Molina
Phoenix Union High School District Esteban Ortiz
Payson Unified School District Michelle Keegan
Tempe Union High School District Melissa Robison
Tempe Union High School District Melinda Harris
Tempe Union High School District Hilary Geraty
Tempe Union High School District Denis Liu
Tempe Union High School District Melissa Robison
Tempe Union High School District Melinda Harris
Tempe Union High School District Hilary Geraty
Tempe Union High School District Denis Liu
Flagstaff Unified School District Mary Knight
Flagstaff Unified School District Gwyn Marquez
Leona Group Darla Eddy
Marana Unified Sch District #6 Shelly Adams
Marana Unified Sch District #6 Christa Moore
Imagine Schools Carrie Muehlhausen
Imagine Schools Cecilia DeCasas
Imagine Schools Vanessa English
Casa Grande Elementary School District Lisa Keeney
Peoria Unified School District Ann Hasse
Peoria Unified School District Michele Copeland
Flagstaff Unified School District Gwyn Marquez
Imagine Schools Carrie Muehlhausen
Imagine Schools Cecilia DeCasas
Imagine Schools Vanessa English
American Leadership Academy Scott Jensen
Madison School District #38 Linda Mauck
Madison School District #38 Linda Mauck
Tempe Elementary SD #3 Deb Quarles
Salt River Pima Maricopa Community Schools Bryson Anderson
Santa Cruz Valley Union High School District Patricia Castillo
Espiritu Community Development Corp Christina Eliserio
Deer Valley Unified School District Heather Mock
Chandler Unified SD #80 Colleen Flannery
Chandler Unified SD #80 Janeen Scaringelli
Chandler Unified SD #80 Ryan Nelson
Chandler Unified SD #80 Joshua Sheffield
Chandler Unified SD #80 John Whiteneck
Eloy Elementary School District Bill Steber
Eloy Elementary School District Virginia Allen
Sahuarita Unified School District Veronica Preciado
Valley of the Sun Waldorf Education Association dba Desert Marigold School Deana Douglas
Glendale Elementary SD #40 Diane Litwiller
Glendale Elementary SD #40 Katherine Richman
Continental Elementary School District Albert Magallanez
Higley Unified School District #60 Carey ByBee
Higley Unified School District #60 Leslie White
Thatcher Unified School District Amy West
Arizona School for the Arts Jamie Bledsoe
Agua Fria Union High SD #216 Lori Beltran
Buckeye Elementary School District Yvette Weisheit
Agua Fria Union High School District Patty Barker
San Carlos Unified School District Mary Kay Stevens
Maricopa Unified School District #20 Julie Becking
Maricopa Unified School District #20 Molly Spence
Apache Junction Unified School District Patty Smith
Apache Junction Unified School District Jerry Paterson
Avondale Elementary School District Tina Henson
Scottsdale Unified School District Roni Sheets
Paradise Valley SD #69 Beverly Kilgore
Paradise Valley SD #69 Donna Haas
Paradise Valley SD #69 Maria Garcia-Lara
Paradise Valley SD #69 David Reed
Paradise Valley SD #69 LeEllen Jordan
Paradise Valley SD #69 Leah Koistinen
Paradise Valley SD #69 Patricia LaRosa
Paradise Valley SD #69 Jeff Billings
Paradise Valley SD #69 Jenny Bertie
Safford Unified School District Susan Lindsey
Horizon Community Learning Center Bev Carlson
Roosevelt School District #66 Jean Cook
Roosevelt School District #66 Lydia Gonzalez
Chandler Unified SD #80 Lauren Randel
Maricopa County Education Service Agency Karen Rodriguez
West-MEC Andrea Larkin
West-MEC Joleen Fajardo
Catalina Foothills Unified School District Dan Lyons
Cave Creek Unified SD #93 Denis Alcock
Dysart Unified School District Suzy Smith
Naco Elementary School District #23 Julie Morgan
CFA Western Laura Simmons
Great Hearts Academies Lori Phelps
Great Hearts Academies Amanda Klahn
Great Hearts Academies Chris George
White Hat Management Pam Martin
Alhambra School District #67 Scott Heusman
Alhambra School District #67 John Hasenstab
Alhambra School District #67 Kandi Swift
Concordia Charter Margaret Roush-Meier
Education Technology Consortium Claire Nyce
Pendergast Elementary School District Annette Moreno
Legacy Traditional School Brandi Adams
Legacy Traditional School Jason Ostermeier
Florence Unified School District Darlene Rogerson
Florence Unified School District Beverly Myers
Osborn School District Rose Buruato
Challenge Charter School James MacNamara
Challenge Charter School Aubrey Tormey
Toltec Elementary School District #22 Debbie Brown
Technical Service Center Elizabeth Senger
Maricopa County Sheriffs Kelly McMahon
Washington Elementary SD #6 Josh Lingenfelter
Cartwright School District #83 Kevin Price
Buckeye Union High SD #201 Patsi Fridrich
Cottonwood Oak Creek School District Christine Hamilton
Cottonwood Oak Creek School District Tammy Janssen
Tolleson Union High SD #214 patti bounds
Tolleson Union High SD #214 nettie gamez
Tolleson Union High SD #214 erick kistler
Desert Heights Charter Schools Krissi Elliott
Desert Heights Preparatory Academy Cynthia Jordan
Sahuarita Unified School Dist #30 Laura Blanco
Gilbert Unified SD #41 Ken Martinez
Ash Fork Joint USD Jessica Cauthen
Vail School District Norm Purdy
Vail School District Louise Miles
Vail School District Nicki Holewinski
Tolleson Union High SD #214 Bianca Lochner
Sequoia Charter School Glen Stranton
Sequoia Charter School Jeannie White
Sunnyside Unified School District #12 Josie Gonzalez
Creighton School District #14 Jay Mann
Fowler Elementary School District # 45 Vanessa Loza
Wilson School District #7 Ryan Mariano
Wilson School District #7 Alicia Guzman
ASU Preparatory Academy Polytechnic Lori Frye
ASU Preparatory Academy Polytechnic Donna Peterson
Horizon Community Learning Center Beth Rutherford
Gadsden Elementary School District #32 Mary Berumen
Salt River Pima Maricopa Community Schools Derrick White
Laveen Elementary School District No 59 Xochitl Amezcua Paco
ASU Preparatory Academy Donna Peterson
ASU Preparatory Academy Lynn Romero
Somerton School District Elizabeth Beas
Gilbert Unified SD #41 Ryan Nelson
Riverside School District Maria Olazava
Scottsdale Unified SD #48 Carol Forsgren
Scottsdale Unified SD #48 Erin Lewis
Scottsdale Unified SD #48 Valerie Pleasant
Scottsdale Unified SD #48 Casey Miller
Pinon Unified School District Brenda Barton
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April 28th Meeting - Q & A - 6/5/2017
The following are answers to April's Meeting Q&A Session:

Q: What program area does AzSAFE fall under?
  • AzSAFE has recently transitioned from Health & Nutrition to our Exceptional Student Services Division for the Special Education Discipline Reporting. Due to discontinued funding, this AzSAFE database will no longer host the incident-based data that schools had the option to report to the ADE Health & Nutrition Division.
Q: Are AzSAFE submissions required this year and in the future? If so, who uses the data?
  • There are federal reporting requirements that we utilize the AZ Safe Special Education Discipline Report to meet this federal requirement. The Special Education Discipline Report is the only required reporting at this time. The federal Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) requires this data for the Annual Special Education Data Collection information in order for Arizona to receive Part B IDEA funding.

    With the passage of HB 2395 this session, starting in the 2017-2018 school year LEAs will be required to report annually the number of suspensions and expulsions that involve the possession, use and sale of an illegal substance. At this time, ADE has not established a mechanism for this reporting because the current AzSAFE programming contains very old coding and is untenable to do what this new law is requiring.
Q: Will all open service tickets be closed prior to June 30 specifically those that School Finance are responsible for?
  • This may impact the need for 915 requests for FY17. See the concern below.Merge: Account Analysts are actively working merge tickets and making good progress. It is probable that all existing merge tickets will be completed by June 30th. However, that at least one LEA has been accumulating a considerable number of StudentId s to merge. These, or student ids submitted for merge after we receive these will not be completed by June 30th.

    Split: The new Split tool was just moved into production and today we are performing the first splits. Splits impacting more years take greater research. All reach is manual and can take more than 30 minutes for StudentId splits covering multiple years. We do not yet have enough experience to project when we will be caught up.

    For both merges and splits it is critical that the person doing the research and performing the action be patient and thorough, as correcting a mistake could take longer than the initial action would have taken if done correctly the first time. With their experience and ownership of their actions the School Finance Account Analysts are the most reliable folks to perform these tasks. They are the only ones I believe should be preforming the splits and merges.
Q: When will the EX-1 guidance/update be provided to Districts?
  • Superintendent Douglas promised districts time to implement. This is already in development according to the IT update.Ex-1 will continue through FY 2017-2018 in the same manner as in FY 2016-2017. The changes discussed will be effective July 1, 2018 for FY 2017-2018 and subsequent years. This message is being updated on the School Finance website.

    EX-1 as amended will be shared with key people here at ADE on Monday, for their review. The updated guideline will be posted once approved.

    ADE IT and School Finance are completing the business requirements for EX-1 related changes. Some development has already begun. A new code for chronic illness is necessary in order to exclude these students. Business rules for this have are in the works.

    Dates in this posting will be adjusted to reflect and effective date of 7/1/2018.
Q: School Finance - Any suggestions for LEAs moving to current year funding next year? How will estimated counts be handled for FY18?
  • Beginning FY 2017-2018 funding.

    For districts moving to current year BSL for the first time, all I can recommend is making the best project possible for the final FY 2017-2018 ADM, SPED, and ELL. I do not believe that any district will be able to project perfect numbers. One thing to keep in mind for non-state aid districts is that overestimated ADM, SPED, and ELL will leave the district with more cash and underestimating may leave them with insufficient cash to cover their expenditures.

    Charter Districts will begin FY 2017-2018 being funded based on estimated counts. Estimated counts will be accessible through ADEConnect rather than Common Logon. August 1 and September 1payments will be based on estimated counts. October 1 and subsequent payments will be based on projected FY 2018 100th day ADM, SPED, and ELL. Charters should estimate conservatively. When projected or actual ADM, SPED, and ELL materialize during FY 217-2018, payment amounts will be adjust to reflect an accurate year to date amount based on current ADM, SPED, and ELL.

    School Districts will begin FY 2017-2018 being funded based on FY 2016-2017 ADM, SPED, and ELL. FY 2016-2017 numbers will be used for the August 1 and September 1 payments. October 1 and subsequent payments will be based on projected FY 2018 100th day ADM, SPED, and ELL. The Base Support Level for ALL school districts will be current year based (except 1st 2 payments). There are not exceptions for declining districts for FY 2017-2018. All other components of the equalization formula are prior year based. This includes TEI, Transportation, District Additional Assistance, Classroom Site Fund, and Instructional Improvement Fund. Even the BSL used for M&O Overrides and Special Overrides will continue to be based on PY ADM, SPED, and ELL.

April 28th Video - 5/10/2017
The April 28, 2017 meeting video is now available.

REVISED AGENDA! - 4/27/2017
Due to ADE staff conflicts, the original agenda has been revised.  Please review the revised agenda here.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Friday, April 28th, 2017 Meeting Agenda Available - 4/18/2017
The agenda for the Friday, April 28th, 2017 ASCUS meeting can now be located on the ASCUS website or by clicking here.

Again, in partnership with Nicely Done, this meeting will also be available via webcast allowing ASCUS members to view the meeting live, remotely.

Please register today at for the upcoming meeting whether attending in person or via webcast by clicking here.

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